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FORCE TRACK offers that implementing a streamlined employee verification process can help to improve security by verifying employees for business and domestic purposes. Employee verification typically involves conducting background checks and verifying employment history, police verification, references, and credentials to ensure that individuals are qualified and trustworthy to work within a particular organization or household. By streamlining this process, businesses and homeowners can ensure that they are effectively screening potential employees and minimizing  Read more…




Employee Information Report

This report has the importance of conducting credibility checks on employees to ensure the integrity of an organization. Credibility checks involve verifying the background and qualifications of potential hires to make informed decisions about their suitability for a given role. Read more…

Police Verification

This Feature suggests that performing police and identity verification for employees, tenants, maids, drivers, and other individuals is crucial for maintaining safety and security within society. Neglecting to perform such verifications can potentially increase the risk of theft and robbery cases. Read more…

Tracking & Tracing

This feature enables the police department to effectively monitor the movement of a criminal across different cities by utilizing the tracking feature of FORCE TRACK. This feature appears to be connected to an online portal that allows the police to track the location of an individual based on their Aadhar number. Read more…

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    I am a homemaker and live in Jaipur. At this time every person hires a maid and servants for their home but we don’t do the police verification. As a result of this one of our maid theft from our house and we don’t catch her. But when I hear about Force Track, I tried this. It is a very useful app for us as we can do the police verification and check the past history of the servants at one click.

    Neha Goel 
    Home Maker

    I recently used the Forcetrack beta version services to conduct a Police verification of my car driver and servant, and I must say I was thoroughly impressed with how seamless and easy the process was. The Forcetrack platform is incredibly user-friendly, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. The entire process was completed in no time, and I received the verification report promptly.

    Mrs Neeraj Sharma
    Beawar , Rajasthan (Professional)

    I am a businessman and run a manufacturing unit of steel. We need to hire the staff regularly but we do not follow the police verification of the staff as it is a lengthy process but when we use the ForceTrack beta version, it is very helpful and easy to use. Now we are regularly doing the police verification and onboarding the staff on Force TRACK

    Sunil Kumar
    Mangalam Udyog

    Police verification and staff verification is a very difficult tasks for every company. Employees submit the wrong experience and work report of past companies we do not have any way to capture this. I am using the Force Track beta version and it is a tremendous platform. I suggest everybody should use this.

    S.D. Pandey
    Rajasthan Industries

    We are facing a lot of problems in hiring the servants for our home. Every time we were scared that who is the right person and who is wrong. But when we use Force Track it is a very essential platform at this time because in the big cities, crime is increasing because we are not verifying our servants from the police. I recommend this to all.

    Avnish Gupta
    Ghaziabad UP