The implementation of FORCE TRACK offers a feature that allows the police department to effectively monitor the movement of criminals across different cities. This feature is connected to an online portal that utilizes the tracking capabilities of FORCE TRACK and the unique Aadhar number issued by the Indian government to its citizens.

Aadhar is a unique identification number that contains biometric and demographic information of individuals. By utilizing this number, law enforcement officials can track the location of an individual as they move from one city to another. This tracking feature enables the police to keep a close eye on the movements of criminals and can be instrumental in locating and apprehending them.

By leveraging this feature, the police department can save valuable time and resources in tracking criminals. It enhances their ability to prevent crimes and ensures public safety by enabling them to closely monitor potentially dangerous individuals. With the aid of technology and the Aadhar number, law enforcement officials can efficiently trace the movements of individuals, thus enabling them to respond promptly and prevent crimes from occurring.

The tracking feature provided by FORCE TRACK is a valuable tool for law enforcement officials in their efforts to track and apprehend criminals. By utilizing advanced tracking capabilities and the Aadhar number, the police department can enhance their efficiency in monitoring individuals and potentially preventing crimes.

Implementing FORCE TRACK can lead to time and resource savings for the police department, resulting in faster and more efficient resolution of criminal cases. This technology enables law enforcement officials to quickly respond to and prevent crimes from taking place, thereby enhancing public safety.

In summary, the implementation of FORCE TRACK, as described in the website content, offers a valuable tool for the police department to trace criminals more efficiently. By utilizing technology and advanced tracking capabilities, law enforcement officials can reduce the time and effort required for tracing criminals, leading to faster and more effective resolution of criminal cases. This can ultimately contribute to improved public safety.