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Tracking & tracing of a person/criminal/suspect

This feature enables the police department to effectively monitor the movement of a criminal across different cities by utilizing the tracking feature of FORCE TRACK. This feature appears to be connected to an online portal that allows the police to track the location of an individual based on their Aadhar number.

Aadhar is a unique identification number issued by the Indian government to its citizens, which contains biometric and demographic information. By using this number, the police can potentially track the location of a criminal as they move from one city to another. This information can then be used by law enforcement officials to track down and apprehend the criminal.

By utilizing this feature, the police department can potentially save time and resources in tracking the movements of a criminal. It can also enhance their ability to prevent crimes and ensure public safety by keeping a close eye on potentially dangerous individuals.

The tracking feature will be a valuable tool for law enforcement officials in tracking and apprehending criminals. By utilizing technology and Aadhar numbers, the police department can efficiently monitor the movement of individuals and potentially prevent crimes from taking place by using FORCE TRACK, the police department can potentially save time and resources, leading to the faster and more efficient resolution of criminal cases. This can also help to enhance public safety by allowing law enforcement officials to quickly respond to and prevent crimes from taking place.

Overall, the implementation of FORCE TRACK appears to be a valuable tool for the police department in tracing criminals more efficiently. By utilizing technology and advanced tracking capabilities, law enforcement officials can potentially reduce the time and effort required for tracing criminals, leading to faster and more effective case resolution.

Police/identity verification for tenants, employees, and maids, drivers, etc.

This Feature suggests that performing police and identity verification for employees, tenants, maids, drivers, and other individuals is crucial for maintaining safety and security within society. Neglecting to perform such verifications can potentially increase the risk of theft and robbery cases.

Identity verification and background checks are essential in determining whether an individual is trustworthy and qualified to work or reside in a particular environment. By performing such verifications, employers and property owners can potentially avoid hiring individuals with a history of criminal activity or who pose a risk to the safety of others.
This also emphasizes the importance of prioritizing police and identity verification when hiring individuals or renting out properties. This suggests that performing such verifications should be a standard practice in society, rather than an optional or occasional measure.

By using this feature, citizens can do police verification with one click. This also tells the importance of police and identity verification in maintaining safety and security within society. By prioritizing such verifications, employers and property owners can potentially reduce the risk of criminal activity and create a safer environment for themselves and others.

Employee credibility check report

This report has the importance of conducting credibility checks on employees to ensure the integrity of an organization. Credibility checks involve verifying the background and qualifications of potential hires to make informed decisions about their suitability for a given role.

By conducting thorough credibility checks, employers can identify any potential red flags such as a history of criminal activity, falsified qualifications or work experience, or other discrepancies that may indicate a lack of trustworthiness. Such checks can also provide insight into an individual’s past behavior, work ethic, and overall character.

This report further highlights the benefits of conducting credibility checks, including promoting a safe and secure work environment and protecting the reputation of the organization. A safe and secure work environment is essential for the well-being of employees and can help to prevent any potential harm or legal liabilities. Additionally, protecting the reputation of the organization is vital for its success and can impact the ability to attract and retain top talent, customers, and business partners.

This is also aware about the importance of conducting employee credibility checks to safeguard the integrity of an organization. By ensuring that potential hires are trustworthy and qualified for the role, employers can create a positive work culture, improve workplace safety, and protect the reputation of the organization.